The Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs (YSSE) is a youth led non-profit organization dedicated to eradicate extreme poverty and solve youth unemployment problem by empowering youth and women through social entrepreneurship.
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5 Years Celebration of YSSE

5 Years Celebration of YSSE

Youth School For Social Entrepreneurs (YSSE) is a socially volunteered youth-led non-profit organization that has been working for social development since 2015 working with a mission of creating large scale job opportunities through social entrepreneurship by conducting training, counseling, monitoring capacity building, etc.With a view to building a self-dependent nation, the vision of Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs-YSSE is to ensure employment and equity for youth through social entrepreneurship and capacity building. Throughout these five years YSSE has achieved some remarkable breakthrough like serving 500000+ beneficiaries directly and indirectly on entrepreneurship and others purpose, benefitting 100+ entrepreneurs, launching 200+ events for the entrepreneurs and students and so on. About 1200+ nationwide volunteers, 250+ worldwide volunteers, 500+ registered members and about 100+ youth ambassadors are actively making a change in society. Till now, YSSE has achieved 3 honor of mention for its massive contribution and is affiliated with 24 universities and aiming for more. YSSE displayed an example of ideal and enthusiast organization headed to social development in these five years.

In the upcoming 1st February 2020 YSSE is going to celebrate its five years of glory. YSSE is going to observe this day with its volunteers, members, ambassadors and all the well-wishers in a festive manner. The program will be inaugurated by cutting a cake with the founder and president of YSSE, Sheikh Mohammad Yousuf Hossin and other guests. In this program, Sheikh Mohammad Yousuf Hossain will share the memory of founding this organization and the story of 5 years of ups and downs. The valuable guests and speakers will share their experience with YSSE and will share some Valuable insights for future potential entrepreneurs. The best volunteers of the last year will be awarded with crests and certificates. The program will commemorate all the alumni and appreciate team YSSE showing the humble gratefulness for help YSSE grow.

**It is an invite only program**

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