The Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs (YSSE) is a youth led non-profit organization dedicated to eradicate extreme poverty and solve youth unemployment problem by empowering youth and women through social entrepreneurship.
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Current Projects of YSSE

Current Projects of YSSE

Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs, a youth led non-profit organization in Dhaka, is working since 2015 with the aim to alleviate poverty and unemployment problem through promoting social entrepreneurship engaging young people of the society. In Bangladesh, a number of young people are facing the unemployment issue because of inadequate availability of employment which is resulting into poverty and economic inequality. YSSE conducts counselling, training, monitoring etc. for the young people and facilitates social entrepreneurship so that unemployed youths can create employment opportunities by themselves which will remove economic and gender inequality from the society. There are several projects taken and implemented by YSSE, till now, benefiting more than 32000 people throughout the country. At present, YSSE is working on 7 projects in the following.

  • Uddog o Uddokta (Enterprise and Entrepreneurs): This project is for facilitating the young entrepreneurs for starting enterprises of their own. Here, YSSE will provide necessary assistance to help them.

  • YSSE will be publishing an online-based Sociopreneurs Magazine which will contain helpful information, stories of entrepreneurs and many more which will be inspiring and educating many others young minds to step towards entrepreneurship.

  • YSSE is spreading awareness among the students through the event named ‘Bangladesh Youth Symposium’ so that the mindset of the students about self-employment and entrepreneurship get changed in a positive way.

  • Seed Funding is another current project of YSSE where donors and investors of YSSE provide seed fund to the entrepreneurs who are selected based on some criteria.

  • Behind the Journey, a bi-monthly Facebook live talk-show program, where successful and emerging entrepreneurs will be present to guide the young entrepreneurs regarding the issues they have about social entrepreneurship.

  • Entrepreneurship 101: Start & Grow a Business, a ten-hour entrepreneurial course, introduced by YSSE, will help provide basic ideas about how to start and grow up a business. Many people are interested to start their own business, but they do not know how to. This course will be very helpful for them.

  • YSSE always focuses on the capacity building of its members and associates who directly work with YSSE for accomplishing its goal. Therefore, Resonance, a training series, has been designed by YSSE to improve entrepreneurial skills of the members and associates.

YSSE is, thus, working for developing a friendly environment for social entrepreneurship engaging the young enthusiasts of the country which will ultimately solve unemployment problem eradicating poverty and inequality. For achieving this goal, assistance and advice from the people of different segments of the society, will be appreciated.

_Antora, Member (YSSE).

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