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Speak to Inspire- A Video Storytelling Contest

Speak to Inspire- A Video Storytelling Contest

YSSE believes every person has a unique story to tell. A story can inspire hundred other people to speak out and nourish freedom of speech and freewill while encouraging a positive impact in society. So, this is a platform for youth to stand out by sharing their inspiring storytelling skill and getting rewarded.

“Speak to Inspire-Video Storytelling Contest” is an online competition, launched by Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs (YSSE) which focuses on the youth with presentation, creativity, communication, quality contents and public speaking skills. It aims to provide a platform to the youth to showcase their talent and creativity in art of storytelling through online video presentation.

Participation Eligibility: Participants aged from 15 to 28 will be eligible to participate in “Speak to Inspire-Video
Storytelling Contest”.

1. The maximum length of the video is 5 minutes and the minimum is 3 minutes per
2. Participants can choose to speak about one of the given criteria on a video.
3. One participant can submit at most one video per topic.
4. Participants must like the YSSE page and subscribe to the YSSE YouTube Channel.

What will I get from participation?:
● Prize money to announced soon.
● Selected videos will be featured on YSSE YouTube channel.
● Selected participants will get Free Membership at YSSE.
● Best 3 video makers will be fast tracked to work with YSSE as interns.
● The top 50 selected participants will receive e-certificate through Email.
● And even more to be announced.

1. “Making an Impact in Home Quarantine”
Participant’s story might provide us with a positive message or awareness and encouragement about how they and their actions made a positive impact from any of the aspects (one or more) mentioned below:
i)Personal life
ii)Contributing in household
iii)Celebrating family
iv)Social welfare
v)Global perspective.

2. “Vision 2025: Bangladesh Economy”
Participant’s story might tell us about their study/research or foresight from any of the aspects (one or more) mentioned below:
i)Bangladesh economy from now to future
ii)Effects of corona in economy
iii) Economical Paradigm Shift

Judge Panel: To be announced.

The procedure of submitting videos will be uploaded soon.

Tentative Timeline:
-Registration and video Submission start from 5th June 2020 till 20 June 2020
– Online voting starts at 20th June, 2020.
– Tentative date for result publication 30th June,2020


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