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Women as Job Creators, 2019

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Women as Job Creators, 2019

In the time of alarming unemployment rate some news give us hope, such as, ‘Self-employed entrepreneur has created job opportunities for thousands’. The time has come, when youths are creating employments for themselves by their own. When some are blaming unemployment on quality education, adequate opportunities, corruption and core values; at the same time some are breaking the traditional practice of 9 to 5 job and taking entrepreneurial ventures thus creating jobs for thyself and for others. The women of our country are creating job opportunities too; even though taking an entrepreneurial venture as a woman is very tough in our country. The journey, obviously, is not easy.To address this courage, YSSE is initiating an attempt to appreciate the contributions of the rebel ladies. ‘YSSE Nari Uddogta Sommanona, 2018’ aims to address the best women entrepreneurs of our country of the year, 2018 and to honor them for their contribution in the society as well as in the economy.
The session will focus on promoting women entrepreneurship, discussing opportunities for women as entrepreneurs, sharing real life experiences of women entrepreneurs. The session will consist of professionals from corporate fields, entrepreneurial sectors, and a lot of other different areas.
For the second time YSSE presents,“Women as Job Creators 2019” in association with Entrepreneurship, Management, Communication & Business Club (EMCBC). This event is for potential women entrepreneurs, current women entrepreneurs and also for undergraduate students from any university in Bangladesh.
What’s in it for the participants? Participants will understand the basic concept of being an entrepreneur in a male dominated society, the core concepts that are necessary to be an entrepreneur. They will get motivated to stand on their own feet and start something of their own. Apart from these they will learn valuable insights from the women leaders and about their entrepreneurial journey. Networking would be another gain as the participants will get to meet with the country’s top women leaders. Finally, they will be able to apply their learning in their work lives and grow.
Guest Panel: The guest panel will be informed soon.
The registration link is now open!

Registration Link:http://bit.ly/YSSEEMCBC

Registration fee: Tk 700/-

Date: 3rd August, 2019
Time: 9 AM – 6 PM

Bkash Payment Procedure:

Step 1: Send the amount in bkash Merchant Account 01877444288. Use the “PAYMENT” option to send this money and both reference number and counter number is 1.

Step 2: Send your full name and bKash Transaction ID to +8801964020205 through an SMS after sending the fee. We require this SMS to confirm your payment.

Venue: Krishibid Institution Bangladesh – KIB Bangladesh
For any further query, feel free to contact:
Imam Hassan, YSSE Representative: 01713143739
Sadia, EMCBC Representative: 01712576234
Sakila, EMCBC Representative: 01554355241

Participants will Gain:
You will get Lunch, snacks, and certificate. Participants will get the free membership of YSSE. During the event, you can use networking sessions to meet 250 like-minded people who share similar interests and grow a network of invaluable professional connections for partnering and growing your business or career.In future, you will get mentor-ship support from business leaders, coaches, trainers and career counselors of this event.