The Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs (YSSE) is a youth led non-profit organization dedicated to eradicate extreme poverty and solve youth unemployment problem by empowering youth and women through social entrepreneurship.
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YSSE Courses

Social Entrepreneurship 101: Start & Grow a Business


Social Entrepreneurship 101: Start & Grow a Business is a course program initiated by Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs. In this program, YSSE intends to well equip the youth of Bangladesh and around the world with the initial skills they require to initiate a business and be directed towards a successful journey. We all are aware of the severity of unemployment problem in Bangladesh. In this situation, self-employment is the best alternative we are having. We see the ray of hope while so many initiatives are taken by energetic youths in our society but most of them are failing just because of the absence of proper guideline and mentorship. This course to be offered by YSSE won’t be just a matter of some hours rather YSSE will retain its course students for a longer period of time so that we can guide these to be entrepreneurs towards the pathway of a successful entrepreneurial journey.




  • Module 1 – Business Idea Generation: In this module, students will be taught about the process of Identifying and evaluating an entrepreneurial idea to adopt for the business and process of consolidation of the list of steps involved in the implementation of that idea with a view to creating a proper mind-mapping for the execution.


  • Module 2 – Business Proposal Writing: This module discusses about the process and structure of writing a concrete business proposal so that the students can write proposal persuasively maintaining consistency and clarity of message.


  • Module 3 – Turning Business Idea into Business Operation: This module involves the steps an entrepreneur takes to execute the planning they made previously. These steps include legal activities, funding, infrastructure development, staffing, administrative activities, team management and so on.


  • Module 4 – Marketing for a new product/service: Initially, it is tough for any new venture to create a sustainable customer base in the market as it takes time to create a loyal customer base. So, marketing strategies are highly important for start-ups. Trainer will be sharing his/her insights on the basis of own experience and expertise about marketing for a new product of a brand new entity.


  • Module 5 – Sustainability Maintenance: After the successful initiation of a business, it is important to hold that position and sustain into the eco-system. A venture may need to expand their business inside and outside the country or to introduce new products to cope up with strong competitors. An experienced entrepreneur will share his/her knowledge and insights about maintaining a sustainable position into market.


Digital Marketing 101: Promote your own business.


The demands for digital marketing skills are increasing day by day in Bangladesh and also the job opportunities. The most popular online marketing channels are Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Email Marketing and Google Marketing. YSSE presents “Digital Marketing 101” is a basic course designed for whom those are interested to start a new career in digital marketing. This Complete Digital Marketing Course will cover the core concepts of Digital Marketing and Digital Marketing Strategy for the startup founders and Entrepreneurs

Topic will cover:


Session 1:

1) Facebook Marketing

2) Instagram Marketing

3) Facebook Analytics

4) LinkedIn Marketing

5) LinkedIn Lead Generation


Session 2:

1) YouTube Marketing

2) Email Marketing

3) Google Ads Marketing

4) Google Ad sense

5) Google Analytics


Session 3:

1) Search engine Optimization (SEO)

2) Web Research

3) Blogging


Session 4:

Knowledge Sharing Session on Digital Marketing in the local and international marketplace:

1) Strategic Marketing

2) Social Media & Public Relations

3) Communication

4) Consumer Behavior

5) Advertising & Promotion Management

6) Brand Management

7) Global Marketing & Merchandising

8) Strategic Market & Trend formation

9) Graphics Designing and Tools


Legal Solution 101 : Secure your own Business