YSSE Overview

About Us

The Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs (YSSE) is a youth led non-government organization established in February 2015 for promoting social entrepreneurship and fostering youth as social entrepreneurs to create positive social and environmental changes through their innovative ideas and actions. YSSE is based in Bangladesh and it has flourished its network in 21 countries within one year.



Today’s youth can bring significant change in the society through their innovative ideas and actions. YSSE is a platform which assists invigorating youths to turn their ideas into realties. It works hand in hand with the target groups especially the vulnerable woman and youth to shift their traditional paradigm of thinking and capacity building. It presses to bring the enthusiasm, energy and potentialities through an international network to lead a sustainable and equitable world.

Vision & Mission

The organizational vision is to ensure employment and equity for youth through social entrepreneurship and capacity building.

The mission is to create large scale job opportunities through social entrepreneurship by conducting training, counseling, monitoring etc. which will ultimately solve the economic and gender inequality


Focus Areas of YSSE

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Women Empowerment
  • Youth Leadership
  • Green Economy
  • Empowerment of Indigenous Community
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Health and well-being

How YSSE works

  • YSSE works in collaboration with different stakeholders nationally and internationally to support the youth-led networks of YSSE in different countries.
  • YSSE arranges specific training programs on entrepreneurship and social enterprise development; leadership and professional skill development and business risks and strategies.
  • YSSE arranges workshops, seminars, summer camps, boot camps and conferences, international leadership summits, international startup competitions, social entrepreneurship summits etc.
  • YSSE conducts research on social entrepreneurship .
  • YSSE helps youth startups especially the disadvantaged and marginalized women with counseling, advising and monitoring of the business growth.
  • YSSE Business Counseling Centre provides exceptional advising, referral, and recruiting service for business venture.